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9 benefits

1) Protect your principal investment.

2) Recapture principal and interest paid to banks.

3) Grow your money tax deferred.

4) Allows access to money at any age, penalty free.

5) Allows you to control the growth of your money.

6) Offer protection from lawsuits and creditors.

7) Earn guaranteed returns.

8) Allows you to withdraw funds tax free.

9) Pass on your wealth tax free to your family.


Possible Uses of the Infinite Banking System

1) Medical Insurance – This system works well for people who are “un-insurable”.

2) Car Insurance

3) Life Insurance

4) Buy Sell Agreements

5) Pension plans for employees

6) Home Mortgages

7) Car, Boat financing

8) Equipment financing

9) Estate planning

10) Charitable trust and giving

11) College savings plan

12) Leasing business

13) Retirement planning

14) Eliminates need for Social Security

15) Can cover multiple generations – good method of teaching and transferring

       wealth to successive generations.

16) Business financing

17) Others - ?


"Be Your Own Bank".