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Learn how to send your kids to college without going broke.


For many families, the high cost of higher education is a daunting proposition. Parents lie awake at night trying to figure out how to afford sending one, two, three or more children to college and still have enough of their hard-earned money to be able to retire. Some families have children attending college next year and others have 12 years to plan; but the fears of tackling these monumental and rising costs are the same. Waiters Financial Consulting Group is here to help families figure out how to pay for it!


If you're feeling uneasy about how you'll pay for your children's college, you're not alone. A child born today will face tuition costs that are three to four times higher than they are now. It's never too early to start thinking about how to pay for your child's college tuition and putting plans in place to help make sure they're taken care of.


Life insurance may help foot the bill

There are a variety of ways to save for college. Life insurance is one option to consider. With the right life insurance policy, you can secure needed death benefit protection while also gaining a way to help pay for college through withdrawals and loans from the cash value that may have built up in the policy.


Benefits of using cash value life insurance:


  • Avoid negatively effecting your potential financial aid. Parents’ life insurance policies aren't counted as an asset in financial aid formulas and don't affect the aid students receive, whereas a 529 plan is considered an asset.

  • Death benefit can provide college funds in case of premature death period if the family's primary breadwinner dies prematurely, the college savings plan typically comes to an abrupt end. In this situation a life insurance policy can help. The policies death benefit could be used to help pay college expenses.

  • Zero restrictions on your savings

  • Zero risks, doesn't lose value if market goes down.

  • Effective ways to simultaneously save and pay for college

  • Can be used for anything, not just college. The policy owner has control of the policy’s potential accumulated cash value. If plans change, the accumulated cash value can be used for other purposes, such as supplementing retirement income. Withdrawals of cash value are not mandatory and may occur at any time or not at all.

  • Learn little-known secrets of paying for college

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